Hello World! My name is Caitao Zhan, a Ph.D. candidate at Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University. Here is my Google Scholar profile. My contact is cbzhan[AT]

My advisor is Prof. Himanshu Gupta. I am in WINGS lab.

I do research in the field of computer networking, with a focus on wireless, spectrum sensing and localization. I actively seek opportunities at the intersection of computer networking and machine learning.
Starting Jan. 2021, I entered a new and promising field called quantum computing. My research focus is in quantum networks. Quantum will bring revolutionary changes and innovations to the computing field in ten years.


  • Mar. 2021: One paper accepted at IEEE WoWMoM 2021! Hello Pisa, Italy.
  • Oct. 2020: One paper accepted at ACM CoNEXT 2020! Hello Barcelona, Spain online conference :(
  • Aug. 2020: I am being on the panelist of the 2020 SBU CS PhD Panel. Here is a cool video of a virtual tour of SBU CS department made for the panel.
  • Apr. 2020: Successly presented our work on multiple intruder localization at IPSN 2020 through Zoom.
  • Jan. 2020: One paper accepted at ACM/IEEE IPSN 2020! Hello Sydney online conference :(
  • Dec. 2019: Passed Candidacy exam. Now I am a PhD Candidate!
  • Dec. 2019: One paper accepted at IEEE INFOCOM 2020! Hello Beijing, China, Toronto, Canada! online conference :(
  • Nov. 2019: Attended SenSys 2019 at NYC.
  • Dec. 2018: Finished 7 courses with all A or A-, and one seminar. They are {2017 fall: Analysis of Algorithms (R Sekar), Data Science Fundamentals (Skiena), Advanced Topics in Computer Science -- Smart Energy (Zhenhua Liu)}, {2018 spring: Theory of Database Systems (Himanshu Gupta), Fundamentals of Computer Networks (Aruna), Data Mining Concepts and Techniques (Anita)}, {2018 fall: Machine Learning (Minh)}
  • Nov. 2018: Received IMC 2018 travel grant and attended IMC 2018 at Boston.
  • Jun. 2018: Joined WINGS lab.
  • Aug. 2017: Joined Stony Brook University CS PhD program


Caitao Zhan, Mohammad Ghaderibane, Pranjal Sahu, Himanshu Gupta. DeepMTL: Deep Learning Based Multiple Transmitter Localization, IEEE WoWMoM 2021.

Himanshu Gupta, Max Curran, Caitao Zhan. Near-Optimal Multihop Scheduling in General Circuit-Switched Networks, ACM CoNEXT 2020. PDF, Video

Caitao Zhan, Himanshu Gupta, Arani Bhattacharya, Mohammand Ghaderibaneh. Efficient Localization of Multiple Intruders for Shared Spectrum System, ACM/IEEE IPSN 2020. PDF, Slides, Video, BibTeX

Arani Bhattacharya, Caitao Zhan, Himanshu Gupta, Samir R. Das, and Petar M. Djuric. Selection of Sensors for Efficient Transmitter Localization, IEEE INFOCOM 2020. PDF, Slides, Video

Caitao Zhan, Changhe Li. Shape Formation in Games: A Probability-Based Evolutionary Approach, CIS 2016. PDF


My GitHub. Where I host my projects.
My LinkedIn. More about my experience.
My Blog. I am blogger since Oct. 2014. My blog has over 400,000 page views.
My YouTube Channel. I am a vlogger since Dec. 2019. My Bilibili.
CompProg. I am the co-founder of SBU CS ACM-ICPC (CompProg club) team's YouTube channel.
My mom's Bilibili. She upload courses on Java and Python programming.
Advising Students for Success by Jeffrey Ullman. My advisor's advisor Jeffrey Ullman won the 2020 Turing award for the contributions to compilers. I asked my advisor what impact Jeff has on you and he sent me this article.